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      Shelbyville Pencil Company
      Visit the Shepenco WWW Site

      Time Line

      This information was obtained from literature supplied by the Shelbyville Pencil Company, Shelbyville, Tennesee USA

      1933   Shelbyville Pencil and Novelty Company began as a
             subsidiary of Musgrave Pencil Company
      1945   SP&NC becomes an independent sole proprietorship
      1953   SP&NC purchases Pyramid Pencil Co.
      1956   SP&NC becomes a private corporation
      1963   Name changed to Shelbyville Pencil Company
             SPC purchases Acorn Pencil Co.
      1973   SPC purchases Aeroprint
      1975   SPC purchases Pensco division of Venus-Esterbrook Corp.

      The Pencil Pages © 1996-97 Doug Martin
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