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      LYRA Bleistift-Fabrik GmbH & Co.
      The following was condensed from information supplied by LYRA.
      Last Update: August 15, 1996

      LYRA Bleistift-Fabrik was founded in 1806 in Nürnberg, Germany (then Bavaria) by Johann Froescheis. By the late 1800s, LYRA was producing 53 million wood pencils per year, along with a number of other related products. The LYRA trademark was registered in 1868 and is believed to be the oldest pencil trademark still in use today.

      By 1883, LYRA produced pencils in 14 degrees of hardness, and in 1895 introduced the brand name "Orlow" which is still in use. The company has received numerous medals and awards for quality and innovation throughout its history. A new factory was built in Nürnberg-Gebersdorf in 1987, and a production facility was opened in Nottingham, England in 1991. The company also has distribution outlets in France and Belgium.

      Today, LYRA's catalog includes many pencil brands. Here are some of them:
      • VitaColor
      • Alternative
      • Fluorliner
      • MegaLiner
      • Orlow
      • Art Design
      • Steno
      • Robinson
      • Pro Natura
      • Osiris
      • LYRATO
      • Ferby
      • Color Giants
      • Youngster
      • Wax Giants (LYRAX)
      • Rembrandt
      • Rembrandt Aquarell
      • Rembrandt Polycolor

      LYRA also produces a complete line of other drawing accessories including compasses, rulers, erasers, markers, mechanical pencils, pencil sharpeners, pencil cases, etc.

      LYRA Bleistift-Fabrik GmbH & Co.
      D-90449 Nürnberg
      Willstätterstraße 54-56
      tel. (0911) 68 05-0
      Web Site

      LYRA (UK) Ltd.
      The Pencil Works, Lenton Street
      Sandiacre, Nottingham NG 10 5 DX
      tel. (0115) 93 96 266

      Lyra's Original Logo
      Lyra's Original Logo, circa 1860

      Lyra logos used with permission
      The Pencil Pages © 1996 Doug Martin
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