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      J.R. Moon Pencil Company

      Last Update: November 22, 1999

      The J.R. Moon Pencil Company was founded in 1961, with facilities located in Lewisburg, Tennessee. One of the founders, James R. Moon, who became the company's first president, had previously worked for the Linton Pencil Co. and the American Pencil Co.

      In the early years Moon traveled and sold pencils to local retailers. The company grew, and by 1988 had more than 100 employees.

      The company's product line includes writing and drawing pencils, colored pencils, erasers and ball point pens, as well as a line of blank pencils sold to pencil 'decorators'.

      In the 1980s, the company company began producing specialty pencils, and today J.R. Moon claims to be the world's largest producer of 'collectible' pencils. These pencils include holiday decorations, scented pencils, school themes, and many more. Specialty pencils now account for about 50% of the company's production, and are found in stores almost everywhere in the U.S.

      Circa 1999, the company's name was changed to 'Moon Products'. Moon pencils brands include:

      Moon Products
      Fifth Avenue, North
      Lewisburg, TN USA 37091
      (931) 359-1501

      The Pencil Pages © 1996 Doug Martin
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