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      Dixon Ticonderoga

      Visit the Dixon WWW Site

      Time Line

      This information was obtained from literature supplied by the Dixon Ticonderoga Company.

      1795    Dixon Ticonderoga claims its beginnings, uncertain details
      early   Joseph Dixon founded The Joseph Dixon Crucible Company
       1800s     maker of graphite products and PENCILS
      1957    American Crayon Company (Sandusky, OH) merges with Dixon
      1982    Wallace Pencil Company purchased by Dixon
      1983    Bryn Mawr Corporation merges with Dixon
              Name changed to Dixon Ticonderoga Company
      1988    Acquired Ruwe Pencil Co.

      Dixon Pencil Brands, past and present, incomplete list

      ADROIT 310 (large diameter)
      AERIAL 2280
      BEGINNER'S 308 (large diameter)
      Dupligraph 2071
      ELDORADO The Master Drawing Pencil
      GLOW-O 250
      Laddie 3304 (large diameter)
      Modern Writing 1220
      ORIOLE 287
      REDCHECK 811 (red)
      RED ANADEL 1940 (red)
      SEQUOIA 1285
      SUMMIT 306
      THINEX 381 (pink)
      TICONDEROGA 1386
      TICONDEROGA 1388
      TOPFLIGHT 708
      TRIMLINE 3594

      Wallace Brands - incomplete list

      BRITE EDGE 470
      BRITE-TONE 420
      CONQUEST 1850
      FIREFLY 460
      FIRST WRITER 260 (large, square)
      INVADER 511
      INVADER 5003 (yellow)
      Motif 102 (carmine)
      Motif 6001 (blue)
      Motif 6004 (green)
      PATTERN 211
      ZEPHYR 311
      The Pencil Pages © 1996-2001 Doug Martin
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