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      Bruynzeel potlodenfabriek bv

      The following was condensed from information supplied by Bruynzeel.
      Last Update: August 15, 1996

      Bruynzeel is a pencil manufacturer located in Bergen op Zoom, Holland. Bruynzeel potlodenfabriek began almost 50 years ago as part of the Bruynzeel Group, and has existed as an independent company since 1982. In addition to its home in the Netherlands, the company also has facilities in Kapellan, Belgium.

      Bruynzeel produces a wide variety of writing and drawing products, including office pencils, drawing and coloring pencils, carpenter pencils, sharpeners, rulers, compasses, ballpoint and fountain pens, markers, and much more. Bruynzeel products are sold in over 50 countries.

      Brand name pencil products from Bruynzeel include the following:

      The company sponsors a world-wide coloring contest with monthly prizes. More about Bruynzeel and its products can be found on the World Wide Web at: http://www.bruynzeel.nl

      Bruynzeel potlodenfabriek bv
      P.O. Box 110
      4600 AA Bergen op Zoom
      The Netherlands
      +31 (0) 164 233222
      email: bruynzeel@bruynzeel.nl

      The Pencil Pages © 1996 Doug Martin
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