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      The Pencil Pages...for pencil collectors...
      The World's Most Comprehensive On-line Resource
      for Pencil-Related Information....
      Site Updated April 2018

      January 2018- 22nd Anniversary!

      Welcome to The Pencil Pages - serving pencil collectors and enthusiasts since 1996!

      The Pencil Pages have become a resource not only for pencil collectors or enthusiasts, but many others who have an interest in information related in some way to pencils. I have been contacted by historians, authors, artists, museum curators, movie producers, archaeologists, scientific journals, government officials, reporters, publishers, pencil makers and many others seeking pencil-related information. Contributors include pencil collectors, pencil manufacturers, students, researchers and casual visitors.

      The Pencil Pages have been featured on a public radio program, several newspaper articles, and an internet magazine, as well as being linked to from a myriad of other web sites. Some of these pages have been selected for inclusion in the sciLinks database, an educational resource.

      I appreciate the many site visitors who give encouragement, support, and information which helps these pages to grow, and I continue to welcome any contributions; I will reprint articles with full credit given to the authors. As the creator and maintainer of these pages, I receive a lot of email with general and specific questions about pencils or related items. I will attempt to answer as many of these emails as possible, but I cannot always reply to every message.

      Thanks to all for helping make The Pencil Pages a success!

      Doug Martin

      The Pencil Pages © 1996-2018 Doug Martin
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