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      Attention Mobile Phone Spammers - Visitors to this site DO NOT WANT YOUR JUNK - Stay Away. General Classifieds

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      From: Stu   stumak@rogers.com on Nov 10 2005
      I am looking for a supplier of used or new pencil manufacturing equipment for setting up a pencil manufacturing plant in the Far East. Supplier(s) in North America, Canada and US, are preferred. Please contact and supply information via email.

      From: Kelly   yllibyllek@hotmail.com on Nov 10 2005
      I am looking for a device to allow me to customize pencils. I wish to put my name on them.

      From: denis   denisiw@mail.com on Nov 5 2005
      I have 5 JS Staedtler Mars Lumograph unsharpened 5H pencils in a tin. The pencils are No. 2888 and are inscribed Made in Bavaria. I have contacted Staedtler and their archival specialist says that the pencils were manufactured in the late 1930s. The pencils were manufactured until the late 1950s but at that time "Made in Germany" was on the tin. The pencil was called a "long-writing pencil" due to the thickness and chisel point. I wish to know how much this tin and pencils are worth. I have taken photos. If anyone is interested please contact me. Thank you. Denis

      From: abel   ahasbun24@hotmail.com on Nov 3 2005
      please,where can i find rotring mechanical pencils rotring 500,rotring 600, and rapid xl

      From: Vicki C Walker   walkerk@alltel.net on Nov 2 2005
      While cleaning out a desk we came across company pencils my dad had while working for Interstate Life Insurance Company during the 60's. They are in the original box. it has no company name as to who produced them. The box is yellow and has a white label on the end which states"One Half Gross" "72 Hexagon Pencils" " Printed Pencils" "Degree 2 1/2" "U.S.A" There are four of six bundles in side bound in the original white binder printed in red."High Grade Quality Pencils" The pencils are white with green erasers. They are embosed "Interstate Life & Accident Insurance Co." There is a green seal with 2 4/8 printed on it. These are the pencils that I used as a child while in Elemantary School. My husband is a carpenter and wants to "just use them". Are they of any interest to a collector. Any info would be appreciated. Additional info: Interstate Life mereged with American General.....this makes it in the family tree of the large company AIG

      From: Vicky   vweldon@aol.com on Oct 31 2005
      Looking for Pentech Softech ballpoint pens - can't find these pens anywhere!

      From: LR Mckibben #1378   salt_city_1@yahoo.com on Oct 29 2005
      Large quantity of wood pencils, mechanical pencils, ball points, novelty pencils, bullets, membership pencils, please e-mail if interrested>

      From: Dennes Forsmo   golfing-stuff@earthlink.net on Oct 27 2005
      Hi to all collectors. I have developed an attractive new display for your prized collectibles called The Golf Multi-Display. It holds up to 50 standard pencils or 125 golf pencils or 175 tees or 250 ball markers or 60 divot tools or combinations of 2 to 4 of the above collectibles simultaneously.Contact me by e-mail, mention Multi-Display and I will send you more detailed information and photos by e-mail. Enjoy and I hope to hear from you. DF

      From: avais khan   avais@tds.net on Oct 24 2005
      I am lookind for a machine to make blade for pencil sharpner.If any body can help me I would be greatful Thank you for your help Avais.

      From: tom v   tvhamburglar@hotmail.com on Oct 21 2005
      I'm looking to buy several items. I'm looking for old pencil exteders. The kind were if your pencil is sharpened too small, you slip it into these little extenders. They come from all the major brand pencil companies like faber castell and kooh-i-nor. Also I'm looking for a kooh-i-nor dip pen for inking, the kind were you put a interchangeable pen nib inside. this type of pen holder is usually made of wood with a laquered color finish. The specific ones I'm looking for are not rounded they are squared. And... last but not least, an old pen nib store display case were you put your assorted pen nibs in. Thanks much, maybe we can trade. I have boxes and boxes full of Venus,Eagle,dixon you name it. the boxes are pre 50's, 40's 30's 20's.

      From: Juan Maceira   jcm@ferrarolaw.com on Oct 20 2005
      Please do not attemp to buy anything from the people that say they have phones for a cheaper price..... they have ripped me off and they will do it to you . I am making sure that this does not happen to anyone else.... it s has happen to me and i want to make sure that it does not happen to you. thank you

      From: Mary Nicol   mcrazz@telus.net on Oct 14 2005
      A writer would like to know what commonly-used brand of pencil was used in schools in Canada in the 1930's? Thank you.

      From: Cindy Coba   cindy_coba@hotmail.com on Oct 14 2005
      I am looking for cosmetic pencils manufacturers in California

      From: Cindy Coba   cindy_coba@hotmail.com on Oct 14 2005
      I am looking for cosmetic pencils manufacturers.

      From: sharon Stock   sharonsks@verizon.net on Oct 13 2005
      I love different kinds of pencils with eraser toppers on them. I used them for my self and for my tops group and Sunday School class. Thank you Sharon

      From: finny   gs@hotmail.com on Oct 7 2005
      hi everyone i am currently looking for an Romainian leadless pencil, i have heard that they were in common useage under communist rule.It is called the Scribet sans lead.Please help!

      From: Alley   surfgirl255@yahoo.com on Oct 5 2005
      What is the length of an unsharpened pencil (including eraser) in millimeters

      From: Alley   surfgirl255@yahoo.com on Oct 5 2005
      What is the length of an unsharpened pencil (including eraser) in millimeters

      From: Neil   neilok1@hotmail.com on Sep 9 2005
      I have a question about n.f.l. football pencils from the 70's that came in a metal case. Is there supposed to be a lid for the case? If anyone has the info, I'd appreciate an e-mail. Thanks

      From: Ken Caetano   kcaetano@co.tuolumne.ca.us on Sep 2 2005
      I've been using the Blaisdell paper wrapped erasers at work for at least 25 years and I can't find them any more. I'd like to get a few more, enough to last me until I retire, I hope.

      From: Kevin McGee   kevinjmcgee@yahoo.com on Aug 17 2005
      I am a math teacher looking for a coin-operated pencil dispenser.

      From: Soaps   sophsterdc@hotmail.com on Aug 16 2005
      I am looking for the 70's style vegetable men pencil toppers. if anyone knows where i can get them please please say they are for an important cause! thanks

      From: Christine   Art_Monie_2003@yahoo.fr on Jul 28 2005
      Hello! I seek information on a propelling pencil old, retractable, engraved A.W. FARBER (length: closed 7 cm, open-drawn bar 12 cm) Can you help me or give me a site for this object of collection. Bisoux @+++

      From: M. Garcia   tzcorey[at]Yahoo.com on Jul 15 2005
      Can anyone provide information on zebra telescoping mechanical pencil? It is .5mm and comes with a matching telescoping pen. It is not the telescoping model that the company currently makes. By the way, why would anyone put an ad for jeans and cigarettes on a website devoted to pencils?

      From: Ora Baldwin   opedagogue@aol.com on Jul 14 2005
      I've acquired a pencil from the 1945 Mississippi-Alabama Fair & Dairy Show of Tupelo, Mississippi. The writing on the pencil indicates that the fair was in its thirty-eighth exposition and gives the dates Oct. 2-6. It's red, white and blue with a stars and stripes motif near the end that could be sharpened. It also says, "America! The Best Spot on Earth". Blue paint covers the front fourth of the pencil even the flat end. What companies manufactured pencils of this type back then?

      From: Geri Long   geril@us.ibm.com on Jul 8 2005
      I am looking for refills for a ritepoint chromatic pen. Where can i find them?

      From: Biju Kurian   bijukurian_kollam@rediffmail.com on Jul 7 2005
      From: Rakesh Sharma rakeshksharma@vsnl.net on Nov 18 2004 Dear Sir, I am looking out for manufacturers of Pencil making machinery.Specially the ones based in India and China.Can you help me on that. thanks & best regards, Biju Kurian

      From: claudia g   claudia_gud@hotmail.com on Jul 3 2005

      From: claudia g   claudia_gud@hotmail.com on Jul 3 2005

      From: John Koh   jkoh@kepland.com.sg on Jun 27 2005
      I have a pencil with the following stamping: 'VENUS Pencil Co Ltd, Made In England, WAR Drawing HB'. Does anyone know its origin? I believe it was manufactured during the Second World War. Would appreciate any information.

      From: ron   ronnn1069@yahoo.com on Jun 21 2005
      looking for those 80's banana, flexy, rubber pencils... either faber-castell or empire,,i think empire.. they were like rubber pencils, you could bend them quite a ways... great pencils fighting pencils.. green, red, yellow, purple were some colors..

      From: Vino Babu   vinobabu@gmail.com on Jun 21 2005
      I am doing a project for my MBA logistics class, in capturing the logistics component for the entire pencil making process( right from the mining of graphite to the end product pencil in the retail store). I am more interested in the logistics component for this process NOT the manufaturing process. Where can I find help on this subject?

      From: Theresa   rtowen1@comcast.net on Jun 19 2005
      I have several wood pencils whose erasers have dried and hardened. Is there any way to make them pliable again? Thank you.

      From: Robert   romarub@juno.com on Jun 18 2005
      Does anyone remember, or have a photo, or knows of a reference that includes one of the former Eagle Pencil Company factory on East 14th Street in New York City that shows the large pencil displayed on a sign or billboard outside? My recollection is from the '50's. Thanks

      From:   on Jun 15 2005
      anyone that is looking for typewriter erasers the name brand is EraserStik.

      From: Bob Landman   ndman@verizon.net on Jun 11 2005
      I have several pencil's with the following information on them. "North Pole" Empire Pencil Co New York, "Champ", Tu-Kolor "Big ben"All New York. Also have a Dixon RB Anadel 1940. Any value here?

      From: ron phillips   ron.phillips@universityford.com on May 31 2005
      Does anyone know the corresponding colors to the numbers on the Venus Paradise Pencils. I have come across some numbered pictures, but can't find any of the pencils.

      From: Bakso Inter Limited   majurabd@yahoo.co.uk on May 29 2005
      Dear Sir, I'need suplly for printing materials the different items. Please inform me about the requist immeditlly. Thanks. RGDS. A.Majura DIRECTOR. Bakso Inter Limited

      From: albert haws   amhaws@earthlink.net on May 24 2005
      I recently purchased and am selling a Antique Pencil Impressing Machine made by vendex. I searched long and hard but could not find no real information about. I do have it currently running on ebay and the auction number is 6535083200

      From: bersh   jfried625@gmail.com on May 23 2005
      I have a gold colored, six sided, 3 inch long mechanical pencil with two inscriptions: 1)"CLIP WRITE" and 2) PAT. DESIGN 122132. Any info you have would be appreciated including: name of manufacturer, quantity produced, year first produced, nature of metal ?gold? and value...thanks, the Bersh

      From: Emma del Rio   rivergirl200@hotmail.com on May 23 2005
      Hi, I recently obtained a cigar box filled with pencils from an estate auction. In the box were several pencil leads in boxes like I have never seen before. I was hoping for some information on them, maybe their worth and history. There are three yellow cardboard cylinderswith "Eversharp red top lead-Red standard .046 DIA. 15cents" written on them. Two have the red leads in them and one has black leads. There is also a similar cylinder that is black with the same words "Eversharp Red top Lead 15 cents". It contains blue leads. There is a silver cylinder with "Autopoint Company Chicago, Illinois- Quality Leads. 12-standard-Red-No.338N-15cents" printed on it. It contains red leads. I have two Scripto long lead boxes. one contains extra stong Long black leads med.soft. 10 cents, and the leads are packed in a wooden sleeve. The other scripto box contains black long leads marked 15cents and agian the leads are packed in a wooden sleeve. I also have two small tins, one is marked "Fineline thin leads med. hard H-S 15-Sheaffer's", it contains red and black leads. The other is marked the same except for it is HB R 15, it contains some black leads. I also have a longer tin also marked Fineline "Thin Leads- HB Medium F 15, Sheaffer's", it contains several long leads. I also have two cardboard red boxes containing red No. 162 Listo leads and a black box of black listo leads, and Eberhard Faber Marker leads 1586 Red 2 3/4" x .120" Dia. If anyone knows anything I'd be very grateful. Thanks so much!:)

      From: LaNett Bartos   bjb_quarterhorses@yahoo.com on May 15 2005
      I am looking for information on an Eagle Pencil Company sharpener. Model number 650 called a Simple Sharpener. It was patented on December 11, 1906. Thanks for your help!!

      From: Sam Marcus   sammarcus2@aol.com on May 13 2005
      I recently came across a pencil holder "tin" with 12 new pencils in it. Wallace Pencil Company. Silver Bond Invader. Lockbond. 511. Does anyone know how old these could be. There is no zip code in the address so that is a clue.

      From: Robert V   xxsiv4s@aol.com on May 11 2005
      I am looking for scripto thick crayon pencil refils for a scripto mechanical pencil. 3mm/.120 diameter. The pencil is used mainly for marking carpentry. Can you help? thank you, Robert

      From: bernie diprinzio   bdiprinzio@aol.com on May 7 2005
      WILL BUY CHROMATIC/RITEPOINT PENS!! I will buy your old Chromatic/Ritepoint two-color pens. I have found refills that fit, but will buy your old pen.

      From: Jim   jliner@ford.com on May 6 2005
      I am looking for a metal clip that slides onto the end of a regular pencil, mine has a spring type action that clips it onto your pocket. Does anyone know of a manufacturer or resource? I would also like a clip for carpenters' pencils.

      From: Christina Kenkel   pckenkel@hotmail.com on May 5 2005
      My 92 year old grandma gave me a box of pencils yesterday that she said my grandpa brought home from work years ago. It concerned me that they might contain lead, so I looked them up to make sure. I can't find much info on them, so I'm not sure if I should let my kids use them, or throw them out, or if they might actually be of interest to someone. They come in a small cardboard box (originally a dozen, now there are 5), marked the Wallace Pencil Company, Saint Louis, Missouri. They are "Wallace Motif Colored Thin Lead Pencils (Pat. no. 2,348,315) Waterproof". Please e-mail me directly if you have any info. Thanks! Christina

      From: abeed fazal   abeed.fazal@rediffmail.com on Apr 29 2005
      Would appreciate info on the wood consumption by the pencil industry worldwide, log prices per M3 ( e.g. CA Incense Cedar, Malaysian Jelutong , etc. ) and market prices of pencil slats. If the above info is available specifically for India, would be much obliged. Am developing a composite material ( non plastic ) where the raw material and production cost would be much lower than wood - love the smell of freshly cut African Pencil Cedar.

      From: paige   paige@aol.com on Apr 28 2005
      A unique Listo Freezer-Write Marking Pencil Set in its pristine original unopened packing has come into my possesion; I was hopeing mayb some of u 'pencil buffs' could help me determine it's value. Back of packing states that "The Freezer-Write pencil writes clearly on cellophane, foil, plastics, waxed freezer boxes, paper, glasses and all materials used in packaging home frozen foods. TO OPERATE: 1)To advance lead, turn pencil top. 2)To refill...unscrew point, insert new lead at back. Point contains sleeve which holds lead at proper tension. 3)If sleeve becomes damaged, replace with new one from lead pack. Each pack of leads contains a new sleeve. 4)To remove marks, wash with soapy water. Manufactured by Listo pencil corp., Alameda, Calif. Established 1921"

      From: ray chase   rchaseusa@hotmail.com on Apr 27 2005
      I have been buying Black Feet Indian pencils and pens and just found out they no longer provide this service. I am looking for another Native American company to buy pencils/pens and other office supplies.

      From: Larry Rengstorf   swiftair@sonic.net on Apr 25 2005
      Hey all- I think I found a refill for our Ritepoint/Chromatic pens.I actually found a ph# and talked to the original company- No good, they stopped makeing them years ago and DO NOT support them now, So I went browsing and found a site that has refills. Go to www.cajunpen.com/html/powerglo.html and there you will find a Fisher Space Pen Universal Refill listed, look at the bottom, can order all three colors in a package for $8.00

      From: Larry Rengstorf   swiftair@sonic.net on Apr 25 2005
      I am looking for a source for Ritepoint/Chromatic pen refills, Black- part number 29020 & Red- part number 29010. They are 3 & 13/16 inches long.

      From: John   jjmhume@ev1.net on Apr 24 2005
      Attention posters looking for metal clips that attach to regular yellow wood pencils to hold the pencil in your pocket. We have found them at www.deskgear.com/customer/home.php?cat=95

      From: Naomi   noetic43@excite.com on Apr 16 2005
      I know drawing pencils are available with permanent lead. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy permanent pencil lead for mechanical pencils? I love writing in pencil, but I hate that it fades.

      From: rosy   srosy@taconic.net on Apr 13 2005
      I am looking to find out who manufactered the Detectograph #111. I have one which has been sharpened beyong the maker's name. Please help!

      From: Bernie   bdiprinzio@aol.com on Apr 12 2005
      I too am seeking Chromatic/Ritepoint pen refills. I'm getting warmer, but does anyone have a definite lead on this?

      From: john stol   john.stolarczyk@lineone.net on Apr 8 2005
      looking for drafting leads staedler hardness F for lead holder

      From: Clark Smith   sociomind@yahoo.com on Apr 3 2005
      I love pencils so much. My middle name is pencil. I don't know why I am like this but I have kept tabs on how many pencils I bought and I have counted at least a million.

      From: George Washington   george.w.washington@gmail.com on Apr 3 2005
      Interesting site! I've been in the market for soft lead pencils recently.

      From: david   mitch_baywatch_hasselhoff@yahoo.com on Apr 2 2005
      brings back memories

      From: david   hasselhoff@london.com on Apr 2 2005
      great site, i love pencils

      From: prab   prab_28@hotmail.com on Mar 27 2005
      where do you buy a imprinting machine, i want to put peoples names on pens and give them away as a promotion.

      From: C. Williams   LEGALOFFICE005@mail2lawyer.com on Mar 27 2005
      Fascinating website! It has inspired me to start a collection, and I have found a few interesting early 20th century pieces in a market. I am very rich, so I can afford pencils of virtually any cost!

      From: p.homer   p.homer@london.com on Mar 27 2005
      Great site! Mail me your wants! -p.homer@london.com - +44 7005 942 462

      From: Evan Fraser   Evan.Fraser@csfb.com on Mar 22 2005
      Is anyone out there familiar with the pencil manufacturing process and the equipment needed? Where is the equipment sold. Thanks EF

      From: WAYNE L. PATTESON   Wayne.L.Patteson@tac.usace.army.mil on Mar 16 2005
      Seeking drafting lead holder: Eberhard Faber "Microtomic" 614, metal.

      From: edie   cliftwood@rcn.com on Mar 10 2005
      I am looking for Revlon's mechanical pencil REFILLS. They were discontinued years ago and I am having a devil of a time finding them. Thanks for any help you can give.

      From: Chris Whitmore   fijis22@yahoo.com on Mar 9 2005
      950,000 various pens for sale for international or USA. Assorted Colors and sizes. over run, reprinted pens with logos and printed names on them. Asking 1.4 cents a piece. 512-297-3133 Chris

      From: Barb   bauwit@twcny.rr.com on Mar 2 2005
      Are Prismacolor pencils and Spectracolor pencils similar in quality?

      From: Joe   jl009a1612@blueyonder.co.uk on Feb 24 2005
      My father has a pencil that was made for the coronation of King Edward the 8th(the coronation that didn't happen). It was made before the 12th of may 1937.Is this a highly collectable pencil? Any advice please.

      From: Angelo Bedolla   maritza_bedolla@yahoo.com on Feb 23 2005
      Hi! I have a gold rolled Norma Pencil, very very good condition, a little below mint. It comes with original lead in all four colors, the cap is on it, no brasing or signs of abuse. I am interested in trading it for some Esterbrook Fountain pens (2 would do), in good condition. I am open for cinsideration of other Esterbrook stuff. Drop me a line at the email addy. Regards, Angelo

      From: Miguel   miguelvlb@hotmail.com on Feb 22 2005
      Hi, I am looking for fine point carbide ball refill red and blue for Chromatic pen, refill 2-79

      From: Laura Serecin   lserecin@indigo-design.com on Feb 22 2005
      MY EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE MESSAGE BELOW IS INCORRECT> PLEASE RESOND TO lserecin@indigo-design.com Please help! I saw a box of 1940's vinatge indelible pencils at a flea market...in a purple and gold box. The graphic design on this box was gorgeous! And, I didn't buy it and I can't remember the brand name! Do you have any idea what I might have seen?

      From: Etak   kateyg73@yahoo.ca on Feb 20 2005
      I've lost number #44 of my Laurentien pencil crayon set. Anyone know what color it is?

      From: ks   veganmom@hotmail.com on Feb 17 2005
      I have two questions, since you guys are SO knowledgeable!!! ;-) 1) What's the best quality generally available pencil today? I'm sick of buying my kids pencils where the lead breaks, or the wood splinters and you can't sharpen the thing, or it writes rough. I want my kids to love pencils as much as I do. 2) Any good place to order pencils with our school name and logo? I tried Internet searching, but I don't need 2096 pencils! Pencil quality is the biggest concern, though (see above). THANK YOU. What a great hobby!!! What a great web site. Thanks for being here!

      From: R Scott Miller   happyrscott@aol.com on Feb 15 2005
      I recently purchased a figural pencil at an estate sale and would like to find out it's approx. age. It is a HB*T.K.*SMALL PENCIL Made in Japan. I believe it was made by the T.K. Pencil Co., Osaka Japan. It is red with a black face head on the end. I believe the head to be made of some sort of plastic. It measues 3 1/2 inches long and the pencil is 1/8 inch thick. Any information about this awesome little pencil would be greatly appreciated! Make it a GREAT DAY!

      From: bimal kimtani   bemelkimthani@hotmail.com on Feb 14 2005
      I amlooking for reliable supplier for pencil sharpner blade and used plastic mould for pencil sharpner.

      From: jack   jackdog47@comcast.net on Feb 11 2005
      I have found a boxed set of two pencils and an eraser made by Faber-Castell. It appears to be a luxury item of recent manufacturer. The set is packed in a green corrugated cardboard box. The label is printed in gold on the green part of the label - Graf von Faber-Castell - below in green on a white portion of the label, it reads - Ein - *feinweiBer Radiergummi* - wit zwel Bleistiften Nr. III . The two pencils are ridged, much like the corrugated box. Bot pencils are sharpened and have a small metal ferrel on the top. The writing on the ferrel is tiny but seems to say Graf von Faber-Castell Germany. The eraser is pure white and has a silver colored holder. The front of the holder has a crest and Graf von Faber-Castell. The back of the holder says Germany. I have looked all over the Faber Castell website and thes may be replacement pencils for their Perfect Pencil (I think that is what they called it). Any information would be appreciated.

      From: Nilesh Parikh   marvel@icenet.net, easymatrix@hotmail.com on Feb 11 2005
      We are manufacturer of Plastics pencil sharpeners. we would be interested to see these items.

      From: Carol   cchammonds@aol.com on Feb 9 2005
      Does anyone know where you can get Nu-masaca lead for a Nu-masca eye lid pencil?

      From: George   nuviewdigital@yahoo.com on Feb 9 2005
      I'm looking for a imprinting machine to imprint pencils myself. Does anyone know where I can purchase such a machine?

      From: carol   carol@strayparkwood.co.uk on Feb 3 2005
      Can anyone tell me where I can buy small quantities of writing and coloured pencil leads for inserting in twig pencils. Supplier will need to be in u.k. and hopefully sell by mail order or local retail store.

      From: Cherry   idimage@access.inet.co.th on Feb 3 2005
      Do you know anyone who collect 瓸IC pens & pencil. Love to talk and trade. I have some cool stuff I've been collecting for over 20 years. Seems so difficult to find 瓸IC collectors. I also collect promotional BIC pens that have names of companies, banks, university or hotels. Use or unuse are OK! I will pay what ever it cost to buy and ship to me. As someone have quoted on pen link that BIC pen are worthless. People dump 50,000 of them everyday, so there must be some in your trash can I'm sure. Talk to me. I live in bangkok, Thailand. (Use to be able to collect loads of them when I studied in England)

      From: George Rooney   deadhalt@aol.com on Feb 1 2005
      can you ID a substitute refill for Fisher Spacepen ie the Sensa pressurized refill.I am unable to write holding the pen at my usual angle using the press refill. thanks

      From: Rosie   rlopez1218@yahoo.com on Jan 23 2005
      I have been going crazy looking for Pentech Softech Pens. Where can I find these??? Can anyone help me??

      From: Nik   cyclonecanada@hotmail.com on Jan 22 2005
      We are promtional printing company and specialize in pencils and are seeking to purchase a pencil sharpening machine that can sharpen large volume at a time.

      From: Peter May   peter.16@talk21.com on Jan 15 2005
      ink refill for Chromatic Pen. Two color pen (Ink Colors came in red, blue, and black) Search for refills is coming up blank. Please help.

      From: joe mgbada   mgbadajoe@mg.com on Jan 14 2005
      very informative site

      From: Karen   karen.cappadonna@pwnj.thomson.com on Jan 12 2005
      3 13/16" ink refill for Chromatic Pen. Two color pen purchased two in office supply store. (Ink Colors came in red, blue, and black) Search for refills is coming up blank. Please help.

      From: ltcgumby   ltcgumby@yahoo.com on Jan 11 2005
      I teach at an elementary school and am looking for a reasonably priced old/used pencil vending machine. Do you have one for sale or know where I might find one?

      From: Leith Wolf   leithwolf900@hotmail.com on Jan 9 2005
      I have recently found a pencil in the 1912 house that i purchased, wondering if anyone can give me any information about it. No 73B "Mepfristo" copying Made by L & C Hardtmuth Czecho-Slovakia. Any info would be appreciated.Thanks

      From: Leith   Wolf on Jan 9 2005
      I have recently found a pencil in the 1912 house that i purchased, wondering if anyone can give me any information about it. No 73B "Mepfristo" copying Made by L & C Hardtmuth Czecho-Slovakia. Any info would be appreciated.Thanks

      From: norad   tdoran@oceanfree.net on Jan 5 2005
      Alpco Hexagon Blue. Alpco Pencils Ltd. London. No. 2330 7" long. 3/8" across. 6 sided. Any information appreciated.

      From: Karen   Karenx30@cox.net on Jan 3 2005
      i have a box of ebony pencils jet black extra smooth writes on any paper ideal for newspaper work layouts sketches & general use. They are from Eberhard Faber 1/2 gro 6325 unsharpened. taking offers

      From: Kelly Ford   kford77@comcast.net on Dec 30 2004
      What is a fair price for a unique pencil, pen and eraser collection? I have roughly 300 pieces, mint condition. None are standard and all have been well-stored. Was a collector in the 80's, so they are all from that timeframe. To sell, what is a good price?

      From: Felipe Franklin   londis@yahoo.com on Dec 29 2004
      I have a small wallet sized gold Pierre Cardin ink pen-10k gold filled- and cannot find refills for it. Can you direct me to a place where I can get some refills? Ink cartidge is plastic, like the old ball point pens.

      From: Peter Hill   THILL7@satx.rr.com on Dec 23 2004
      Would like to make my own carpenter pencils. Where can I find long lead sticks (medium or hard) at least 7 inches long? Sticks would need to be approx. 15mm wide, 2.4mm thick and 178mm long. Thanks, folks!

      From: HYACINTH   hoguneme@yahoo.com on Dec 20 2004
      Dear Sir/Madam Please we want to buy school pencils making machines, Hence we need industries that could sell us all the machines needed for effective productions. please email me at hoguneme@yahoo.com thanks

      From: Michael Little   halfhyde@cox.net on Dec 12 2004
      I collect all kinds of mechanical pencils. If you have some you want to see, please send me an e-mail letting me know what you have. Put **PENCIL PAGES** in the subject line Thanks, Michael Little

      From: Dele Omobo   koncentrikbiz@yahoo.com on Dec 10 2004
      I urgently require machines that produces pencils from used newspaper.If you can help please get in toach with me as soon as possible

      From: andrea   asce104664@aol.com on Dec 7 2004
      i have a 1904-1910 patented chelsea, mich manufactured pencil sharpener, was wondering if anyone knows the value of this?? please email me with any imfo, please put sharpener in the subject line, so i dont breeze by it,

      From: Jim Johnson   JEEEJohnson@Juno.com on Nov 30 2004
      I have a seven year old grandson who loves pencils. He would like Football, college, and baseball pencils. Where does one purchase these? Thank you

      From: Mike   xlnt57@hotmail.com on Nov 27 2004
      I am looking for refills for Ritepoint/Chromatic pens. Red/black/blue. Thanks... Mike

      From: Evan Lewis   evanlewis@mail.com on Nov 23 2004
      RECYCLED PENCILS I am keen to find the manufacturers of recycled pencils. I have foundre-sellers but need to know manufacturers. Particularly pencils made from recycled paper, recycled tires, but any info on recycled writing instruments would be really appreciated.

      From:   on Nov 19 2004

      From: Roger   sib_45@hotmail.com on Nov 14 2004
      I recently purchased what I believe to be a very old colored pencil display case. It has manufactured by Robin-Skall Brooklyn, NY on the back of it. I've tried to research it, but can find nothing about it and don't know where to start. I would appreciate any information regarding it.

      From: Bill   juliac@viclink.com on Nov 13 2004
      I have a Scripto ME-1 mechanical pencil and would like to know how old it is. It is 8 sided, black, with a cover over the eraser, 5.5 inches long. Thanks Bill

      From: Joan   joanulmer@comcast.net on Nov 10 2004
      I'm trying to find a Tiffany mechanical pencil in the Elsa Peretti design.

      From: Apicha Buranaosot   idimage@access.inet.co.th on Nov 10 2004
      I am a collector of BIC?pens and pencils and other kind for over 20 years. Having quite a large collections (around 2,500) from all around the world. Love to talk to someone who interesting in BIC?writing products. Lets talk and make some trade! E-mail me at idimage@access.inet.co.th

      From: Dr Brown Harriman   dharriman@yahoo.co.kr on Nov 9 2004
      Nice site, i can supply pencils.Wisemen pls keep offffffffffff,becos i have visited here

      From: CARY PEREZ   perezc@bellsouth.net on Nov 9 2004

      From: Tim Gregory   tgreg@tds.net on Nov 7 2004
      I have a solid graphite pencil labeled No 365-SOFT-DIXON, JERSY CITY, N.J. the outside is a 1/2" hex about 4 3/4 long, no wood. Does anyone have any information?

      From: Randy Holhut   randyholhut@yahoo.com on Nov 7 2004
      I am looking for colored leads for mechanical pencils, 1.1mm (the size that fits old Eversharps and newer Scriptos). Red is prefered, green and blue is OK too.

      From: Harshad Raveshia   harshad@timbertechnique.com on Oct 28 2004
      With 35 years of experience in complite wooden pencil manufacturing process, I offer my excellence in pencil manufacturing through consulting. I can offer projects on 'turn-key' basis, can supply all kinds of pencil manufacturing machines, raw material and know-how. Intrested parties can contact me by email.

      From: Joyce Lee   joyce.lee@vighk.com on Oct 26 2004
      I am looking for a pencil lead refill with the size of 1.1mm (2B) in Hong Kong. Do you know where I can buy it in Hong Kong? Please help.

      From: Manuel Mtz   pitbull_oko@yahoo.com on Oct 25 2004
      I want information about the kind of machinery used for manufacturing paper wrapped wax pencils. I need one of these machines, or information on the manufacturers. Any help would be truly appreciated.

      From: mohammad abu el nasr   toplevel111@yahoo.com on Oct 25 2004
      dear sir: we are "namaa"company for many fields in business we are interst in producing pencil manufacturing plant so provide us all required information for machines , raw materail, training and complete making line. finally prices thanks alot eng.mohammed abu elnasr namaa company eygpt, menofia fax:+20482319149 email:toplevel111@yahoo.com namaa725@yahoo.com

      From: Alvie Sladum   alviesdm@yahoo.com on Oct 24 2004
      I am looking to buy LINDY BALLPOINT PENS. Does anyone know where I can find a supplier/source?

      From: Marty Hargas   NTopsail1@aol.com on Oct 23 2004
      Is there anyone that may be interested in a mint conditon Pedigree Pencil by Empire still in the original sale holder with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and Life Magazine logo. This appears to be very old.

      From: jason   jasonyzf450@aol.com on Oct 13 2004
      I am looking for 2 mm color lead any color any brand

      From: Ramgopal Ramaswamy   ramgopal@juno.com on Oct 13 2004
      I have bought a Staedtler 0.5 thickness pencil When you rotate the pencil you get the lead type options HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H all in the same pencil. The pencil barcode is 92505/3190190945 . Iwant to know what lead type to replace when the existing lead is over.

      From: Mike R   mike@rowancroft.co.uk on Oct 12 2004
      Not to worry - looks as tho' Fisher & Rotring offer 'universal' multi-pen refills. Thanks anyway

      From: Mike Rawlings   mike@rowancroft.co.uk on Oct 12 2004
      Back in April a Ms Price gave a pointer to a source of refills for Chromatic 2-colour pens - spacepen.com/usa. They do not seem to be there now - does anyone have another suggestion please?

      From: jeff   jefnf@yahoo.com on Oct 4 2004
      I collect auto and farm implement dealership items. pens, pencils, floaters, yardsticks, jewelery, anything. email me and Ill send some links with pictures of what I collect. I have alot of pencils and other things to trade. lets talk. USA ONLY PLEASE

      From: A. K. lami   barakatabid@yahhoo.com on Oct 3 2004
      hi , I can offer for sell Pencil and pen , please wriet if you interesting .

      From: bill kwapisz   williekman@yahoo.com on Oct 1 2004
      I have found an unused pencil "Atomic Energy in Kellogg's Corn Flakes" It has a "Actual Sample Uranium Ore The Start of Atomic Energy" in the tube I guess is Uranium ore. It also has a "Atomic Energy Comm License No on it. Does anyone know anything about it.

      From: DEWD JOHNSON   RICHARDABC1@MSN.COM on Sep 28 2004

      From: Doris Ganser   74170.2570@compuserve.com on Sep 23 2004
      Giant Sheaffer Display Pen: A decade or so back, I was "Scribe" (in a way a type of Mardi Gras costume but mainly doing all the official invitations and correspondence, real work) to our Kansas City Mardi Gras (German Karneval or Fasching) Prince and Princess who are elected every year. At that time, I was doing German translations for the Patent Department of Sheaffer Pen in Iowa and had the idea of asking the chief attorney whether he had perhaps a big pen or pencil that I could use as "status symbol" while marching in the Princes' entourage, and he, indeed, let me borrow a giant (probably a bit less than 6 feet) black display pen. Naturally, I returned the pen. Years have gone by, Sheaffer was acquired by BIC. Now I am Scribe for another Prince and Princess. I inquired with BIC in Boston, and they knew the pen was not moved. I found the semi-retired patent attorney in Iowa who does not know its whereabout but thinks he once saw it offered on ebay where I searched in vain. I'd like to use the pen again. The Coronation Ball is on November 20. I would need it through the Mardi Gras season which goes through the end of February...there are various functions following the Coronation Ball, and the Prince & Princess and their entourage (incl. Scribe) also travel to and participate in the St. Louis Winterball, a function in Topeka, Rose Monday in Chicago, and I believe a few other places. I took good care of the pen the last time and promise to do so again if anyone knows of its whereabout or perhaps has another item (a giant pencil, an old-fashioned-looking huge feather, but grotesque because it has to be recognized at a distance and also is a kind of costume.) Is there anyone who knows about THE Sheaffer pen or any other usable item??? I'll be glad to buy it if reasonable (but I'm not a collector, so no collector's prices) or promise to return it after careful use. HELP!!! Thanks, Doris Ganser

      From: Mickel Lumart   it@vsnl.in on Sep 14 2004
      I am looking for following products related to making: 1) Pencil Shaping & Groowing Cutters 2) Best Quality Pencil Slats dully Treated and Seasoned 3) Alluminium Ferrules for Eraser Tip Pencils 3 million every month 4) Eraser Tip for Pencil 3 million every month 5) Alluminium Pencil Ferrule making plant 6) Pencil Manufacturing Machines (New or Old) Please contact me at my mailing address

      From: Mickel Lumart   it@vsnl.in on Sep 14 2004
      I am looking for following products related to making: 1) Pencil Shaping & Groowing Cutters 2) Best Quality Pencil Slats dully Treated and Seasoned 3) Alluminium Ferrules for Eraser Tip Pencils 3 million every month 4) Eraser Tip for Pencil 3 million every month 5) Alluminium Pencil Ferrule making plant 6) Pencil Manufacturing Machines (New or Old) Please contact me at my mailing address

      From: Ethel   enola41@comcast.net on Aug 27 2004
      Hi, I have 4 Pentel 0.5 forte A55 Mechanical pencils. I purchased the refills for them. Now I cannot get it to work. Is there something I am doing wrong. Thank you for your assistance.

      From: bernice Freeman   bteddybearbf@aol.com on Aug 24 2004
      Hello:I am seeking a refillable ballpoint pen with pictures of teddybears on it. i use to own one made by a brand by Pentech(given to me as a gift) but lost it. i really love teddybears so getting another one would really be great!

      From: Doug Martin, Webmaster   on Jun 28 2004

      Attention Blackwing 602 Seekers!!!

      Check out the updated article concerning the fate of the Blackwing 602.

      From: Amit Patel   sureco@satyam.net.in on Jun 28 2004
      We are manufacturing extruded Dustless Chalks and Slate Pen (pencil). We also manufacture dustless school chalk making machines.

      From: A. PERINA   a.perina@uol.com.br on Jun 27 2004
      I'm a brazilian Die-Cast pencil sharpeners collector. I'm looking for a list of the Hong Kong - China miniatures. Please e-mail me if you can help me. Thanks for all.

      From: Jayne Chandler   dchandl2@twcny.rr.com on Jun 20 2004
      I found a Popeye Giant Marvelusk Pencil made by Eagle Pencil Company in my Grandmother's belongings. Does anyone have any idea what it is worth? It is 10-5/8" long and made out of silver colored metal.

      From: Michael Little   halfhyde@cox.net on Jun 12 2004
      I reccently acquired a lot of 50 (one for each state) mechanical pencils in a vintage pen briefcase and one of them may have been a personal signature pencil of the person who put the collection togwther. It reads GLEN ROBLEY Pencil Collector Lyons, Nebraska It also has a red CONOCO logo on it. The clip reads LAUDER CO USA Anyone ever heard of this guy? Thanks, Michael Little

      From: Debbie   cwebster2@tampabay.rr.com on Jun 1 2004
      I am desperately trying to locate a Venus Paradise Pencil by Number Coloring Kit.

      From: R. Garrett   rgarrett1@cox.net on May 25 2004
      I am looking for a source for Dance Card Pencils. The ones with the little string on it to attach to the dance card. Would like to purchase a couple of gross for a Victorian Grand Ball.

      From: Don   daf110@comcast.net on May 19 2004
      Blackwing 602 1 Box full 12 pencils 135.00 1 Box 11 pencils 125.00 + postage

      From: K. Ramey   ktremi@sbcglobal.net on May 9 2004
      Looking for refill lead cartridges for a Parker challenger pencil. Can anyone help?

      From: kamal   stanpencil@vsnl.com on May 8 2004
      I have pencil Transparent Point protectors in large quantity in plastic material for sale. Those companies who use this can contact me on my E-mail Id.

      From: kamal   stanpencil@vsnl.com on May 8 2004
      I am seeking for manufacturers of mechanical pencil Containers in plastic. Those who have this product kindly contact at my email Id.

      From: TERRY LIM   terry_limkimteck@yahoo.com.sg on May 5 2004
      I would like to buy a lot of pencil & old fountain pens. I need them to salvage parts for my many pens which I'm repairing as a hobby. If you have Parker,Shaeffer,Eversharp,Wahl,Pelikan/etc that is damaged/unserviceable, please e-mail me.

      From: Wendy Maceluch   wmaceluch@aol.com on Apr 30 2004
      I'm looking for a Venus Paradise coloring pencil set.

      From: Dick Wilkin   dwarf53@zianet.com on Apr 11 2004
      My son sold a collection of pencils and pens quite a while back. (3 years?)His name is Zeb wilkin. The collection was housed in my garge and I packeaged and sent it out for him. I have found more pens and pencils that belong to the collection. I don't know how to contact the buyer anymore. If they could identify themselves to me, I will package and send the remaining part of the collection (free of course). I tried this forum several months ago to no avail. Please contact me so I can send the pens and pencils I found.

      From: David Oliver   dco88@yahoo.com on Apr 9 2004
      Answer to Mike Little (mechanical pencil leads). The older mechanical pencil leads use the "thick" 1.1 mm lead, which is still available from Autopoint in three different hardnesses - yes they are still around. They even still make two "new" 1.1 mm lead pencil models. The shipping/handling is reasonable. I thought no one made them now. Website is: http://www.autopointinc.com The other big size is 0.9 mm (roughly), also known as "thin" leads in the old days. These are still available from the large office supply chain stores, but rare at grocery stores, etc. It hard to set a range of years for lead size, as Scripto was still recently making 1.1 mm mech. pencils. Hope this helps you and others.

      From: Peter de Seve   deseve@earthlink.net on Apr 5 2004
      Desperate for Derwent! I am an illustrator who relys almost entirely on a particular Derwent drawing pencil. It has a warm wood grain finish with the words-made in gt.britain, REXEL CUMBERLAND Derwent Drawing Ivory Black- printed in white.The manufacturer has seen fit to change the recipe on this, a la New Coke and has ruined it. What was once a liquidy black, is now a scratchy graphite. Please help if you have a cache of the original pencil!

      From: Michael Little   halfhyde@aol.com on Apr 3 2004
      I have recently started collecting older mechanical pencils and have various pencils ranging from an old Sampson Mordan to 1950-60 era pencils, and am a little perplexed about lead size.Is there any information compiled anywhere that will tell me what what lead I need for a given brand/model era? Or do I just need to start accumulating old lead and use a trial by error approach? Thanks.

      From: Harold McDonald   HMcdon3900@aol.com on Mar 18 2004
      Need help in locating refills for Ritepoint Chromatic ball point pen. I need a #91 red and a #92 black refill. Any help or advice in locating a source for these refills will be greatly appreciated.

      From: Nancy   canaanpets@yahoo.com on Mar 8 2004
      I was given a box of pencils that were originally from the Clorox Company. It is complete with a book of the U. S. Presidents, copyright date 1964. There are 35 unsharpened pencils with the president's name, picture and personal info printed on them. Any idea on what they might be worth?

      From: vanessa   vanessa.hardy@hardyconsultants.co.uk on Mar 3 2004
      Dear sirs, I am requesting ashre of your great knowledge as a university art student it's essential that i comprehend the pencil-a brief history, how to sharpen and hold, grades and appropriateness to scale of drawing, thank-you so much

      From: jeff   jefnf@mycns.net on Jan 14 2004
      I collect auto and farm implement dealership items. pens, pencils, floaters, yardsticks, jewelery, anything. email me and Ill send some links with pictures of what I collect. I have alot of things to trade. lets talk.

      From: Stuart   sdef@rcn.com on Jan 4 2004
      lead: staedtler/mars non-print 6 pieces berol turquoise f 6 pieces 3h 1 piece 2h 12 pieces staedtler/mars non-print 20840 three pieces make a fair offer

      From: Ty Condaroga   ty@tommythayersucks.com on Dec 11 2003
      Who makes a decent wooden pencil, anymore? Every pencil I get any more, the lead is loose. I sharpen it, and the lead falls out. And I freaking hate eversharps. Thanks, Ty

      From: Harshad Raveshia   harshad@pencil-india.com on Nov 16 2003
      We can offer 'non-wood' pencil manufacturing plant with complite know-how and trial production run. 'Non-wood'(polymer) Pencils are ECOFRIENDLY and Easy to manufacture without employing huge menpower. All kinds of desired shape can be taken out on manufacturing line which are not possible in wooden pencils. LOW TOOLING COST/LOW LABOUR COST/LOW MATERIAL COST.....Do not hesitate to write me.

      From: Fubang Co.   Fubang@163169.net on Oct 25 2003
      We are manufacturer of colored pencil in China! We output lots type of colored pencil. Any details u wanna know send E-mail to us! fubang@163169.net

      From: Bill   krahling@gwi.net on Oct 25 2003
      I am also looking for refills for the RitePoint/Chromatic ballpoint pen. It belonged to my late younger brother--a poet--& I'm most anxious to keep it writing. Can anyone help? Thanks.

      From: Greg Petereit   ibm5160@rochester.rr.com on Oct 14 2003
      Hello out there....I am looking for BEROL AUTOMATIC TD5 mechanical pencil. Takes 0.5 mm lead. Can't find them in stores anymore. Has become my only pencil of choice and need a backup!!!!!!!

      From: C. Gray   cgrayflorida@yahoo.com on Aug 21 2003
      I recently bought a Piere Cardin pen and pencil set and cannot find refills for the pen. PLEASE HELP!!!! Can anyone tell me where to find them? Thanks in advance.

      From: Robert Capek   robertc@sossnerstamps.com on Jul 24 2003
      I have been manufacturing Hardened Steel Pencil Dies that Hot Stamp or Imprint Brand Names, Logos, Advertisements, and all types of Marking. I have supplied the Pen and Pencil Industry these Marking Dies for nearly 30 years. Any Questions on Pencils are welcomed.

      From: naveen   naveen_naveen_99@hotmail.com on Apr 18 2003
      Dear Sirs, Can anybody help us in giving the right specifications of the raw materials used for making the polymer pencils. I am working for a company making this product in Kenya. But not able to get the right information. Can anybody educate me on this. We are just using some material supplied by the chinese supplier without really knowing what to use. Thanking you in advance.- Naveen ( naveen_105@yahoo.com ) and naveen_naveen_99@hotmail.com

      From: JIM GORDON   CGORDON622@DEJAZZD.COM on Apr 6 2003

      From: Mabel C. Marsh   chaffee900@panax.com on Mar 25 2003
      Dealer seeking repair service for mechanical pencils - Who do you use?

      From: JRB   jrbayer2@juno.com on Mar 20 2003
      I have a Shaeffer pen I am trying to date. I believe it to be pre-1957. It has a "585" nib, with 4 small decorative silver squares evenly spaced around the base of the nib. The case is 14K gf and has diagonal embossed line pattern. The finish is yellow gold. Thanks!

      From: D. Paulk   trinityplbg@comporium.net on Mar 12 2003
      Pencil Clips anyone? Things of the past are hard to find now days. The old pocket pencil clips can be found at b3.net. They need some modifying to the angle of the lever. It has to much angle and causes the spring to break. Save clips by flating the lever to have less of a flexing to the spring, this will add life to the clip.

      From: manufacturer pencils name brand   jefnf@mycns.net on Mar 11 2003
      I have a list of manufacturers, name brand, pencils if anyone wants. Email me if you are interested.

      From: Natalie   nns86@yahoo.com on Feb 6 2003
      I was just wondering how many pencils everyone has. I have 896. They are all unsharpened, well, at least the one's I count in my collection, and I try not to have any doubles. How do I categorize them so I know I don't have any doubles? If you have any ideas, e-mail me at nns86@yahoo.com. Thank you.

      From: Ralph   fotopose@yahoo.com on Jan 31 2003
      Hi: Im looking for a pencil vending machine for my library. Better if used. Can be new also. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you very much. Ralph

      From: King Mike   kingmike404045@aol.com on Jan 23 2003
      Just inherited a Parker duofold, I know nothing about it just old,gold filled,pat sep5-16 green and gold color 9mm lead is to small PLEASE SOMEONE HELP It was my wifes grandfathers and want to learn about it and find lead

      From: Walt Mathers   SCARD@BCPL.NET on Jan 4 2003
      This is a long shot but is there anyone still making plain or non-painted six sided or round pencils with square leads? I would be most pleased to know that there were. Tnx. Walt

      From: A.Overfelt   aoverfelt@mindspring.com on Nov 27 2002
      Hello all. This is a bit OT. I am looking for pencil clips. Modern ones without the button and sized for standard hex pencils. I work as an electrician and can no longer find the good ones. I used to get quality heavy chrome ones with a small knob that grips the shirt pocket for about $.25 ea. Now the only ones I can find are cheap ones that break and wont pull off or on a shirt pocket without working the lever. They have a pointy tab that catches on the cloth. If anyone knows where I can find any good ones please e-mail me at the above address. Thank-you in advance for all efforts on my behalf.

      From: Joel   tiggerjjs@juno.com on Nov 20 2002
      ORDER PROCESSING Work at home, FT/PT. Potential earnings to $800 per week. visit www.JoelStoliker.myeweb.net http://www.workathometypist.com/cgi-bin/affiliates/click.pl?id=740

      From: Earthmates   to@earthmates.org on Nov 19 2002
      We are manufacturing "Newspaper Made" lead pencil, colour pencil and ball-pen. Please contact with us if you are interested.

      From: Yazmin Rivera   hottie_nena15@hotmail.com on Nov 18 2002
      I am looking for information on how to make a mechanical pencil and need all of the materials and everything having to do with a mechanical pencil

      From: ruthellen   sweething54@mindspring.com on Oct 29 2002
      i have a pencil sharpener that says; dexter no.3 improved made by automatic pencil sharpener co. chicago, usa. does anyone have any info on this item? patened last was sept. 13 1921.

      From: K. Chidanand Kumar   chids@vsnl.com on Oct 27 2002
      Interested in Pentel P205; P209. This is not available in India. Wd like to purchase it online directly form Pentel. Kindly help.

      From: vja   vja@vivekj.com on Oct 17 2002
      looking for antique sterling eraser cover

      From: kim   creolemomma36@aol.com on Oct 14 2002
      Hey! i have 8 #2 eberhard faber pencils still in their ORIGINAL BOX. they read : woodcllinched usa eberhard faber mongol 482 No 2". there is no date on the box. box reads " eberhard faber woodclinced complastic lead mongol" also includes 2 mirado 174 no 2 1/2's; 1 musgrave select 885 no 2; and one stamped be alert don't get hurt no 3 . make me an offer

      From: Lynn Manheim   LManheim@aol.com on Oct 11 2002
      I have a small Papermate countertop display unit from the time before zipcodes were used (it says "Chicago 54, Illinois" on the back). Dimensions are 9-3/4" wide x 10" high x 5-1/4" deep. I was going to use it to hold leaflets at various craft fairs I do, but a friend said a pen collector might want to buy it. It has four diffferent-colored levels (blue, red, black and green) for medium point, fine point, piggy-back and jumbo pen refills of each color. It's very sturdy and well made, of masonite and wood. The label on the back gives pen prices as Jumbo $.79; Piggy-back $.69; Standard (presumably the medium- and fine-point) $.49. Backboard says "select a refill by Paper Mate." I can attach digital cam pics (probably jpgs?)of the unit for anyone interested. Please contact me directly.

      From: jeff   jefnf@mycns.net on Oct 8 2002
      I collect automobile and farm implement dealership items. Including pens,pencils,floaters,mechanicals,postcards,jewlery,badges,trinkets, anything. I have a lot of pens,pencils,MISC,I could trade. Doesnt have to just be in the pen or pencil line. Let me know what you collect and Ill look for you. Or just let me know what you have and the price. I have full address woods and a link to my revised name brand pencil list for trading. file:///C|/My Documents/manufacturer list oct 2002.html

      From: Robert H. Randall,Sr   rhrandall@pbtcomm.net on Oct 6 2002
      Seeking any information on a Sanford 1.1mm Spike Mechanical pencil. This pencil is no longer Manufactured. Thanks!

      From: Robert H. Randall,Sr   rhrandall@pbtcomm.net on Oct 6 2002
      Seeking any information on a Sanford 1.1mm Mechanical pencil. This pencil is no longer Manufactured. Thanks!

      From: Robert H. Randall,Sr   rhrandall@pbtcomm.net on Oct 6 2002
      Seeking any information on a Sanford 1.1mm Mechanical pencil. This pencil is no longer Manufactured. Thanks!

      From: Jen   henryj@dne.edu on Sep 17 2002
      I am a student trying to find a place where I can purchase a large quantity of Pentech Color Club White Chalk...any leads would be wonderful. Thank you so much in advance!

      From: Lily Mogger   lilymogger@yahoo.com on Sep 9 2002
      I am trying to find out who distributes a Japanese pencil in the United States. The pencil is designed to look just like a cigarette. On one side of the pencil, it says "c. Be Goody Japan." On the other side it says "no smoking." I'm looking for a wholesaler, but retailer information might be helpful as well. Thanks, Lily

      From: Al Alfaro   alfiles@juno.com on Sep 9 2002
      I am also desperately seeking the Pentech Rubberwriter No. 2 pencils.

      From: ted   meng-ted@symaptico.ca on Aug 20 2002
      We produce the following pencils of top quality: Nature Pencil, Colored Pencil, Cosmetic Pencil, Graphite Pencil, Foil Pencil, Plastic Crayon, Wax Crayon and Stationery Set. Welcome any offers for any kind of pencils. We present you the best product with reasonable price. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks and Regards,

      From: Caroline   carolineahn@yaho.com on Aug 16 2002
      I'm seeking some ball point pens from Bensia that have fruit scented ink. I'm in Hawaii and nobody here seems to carry them anymore. Thanks a lot.

      From: Mary-Catherine Gerrey   mcgerrey@yahoo.com on Aug 11 2002
      As a child I collected all kinds of pencils. Whenever I or a family member went on a trip, I got pencils. I have ended up with maybe 500 or more pencils. I have some such as Hershey candies in an unopened package to dice on Las Vegas pencil to just those out of the pencil machine at elementary school. I am looking for some advice. Should I sell these or just take them to the local Goodwill? Thanks.

      From: Vickie   Nut4trains@aol.com on Jul 12 2002
      Can someone tell me what type store sells grease pencils? I need them in assorted colors. I've checked many office supply and craft stores but haven't been able to find them. Thank you!

      From: Toby   tkadri5@yahoo.co.uk on Jul 7 2002
      looking for pencil toppers that were in the form of fruit / vegetable characters. Were a fad in the late 70's. Is anything similar available today and where can I get them from?

      From: Brooks E. Neil   Rosean4@aol.com on Jul 6 2002
      I need a source for spring loaded pencil clips.

      From: Brooks E. Neil   Rosean4@aol.com on Jul 6 2002
      I need a source for pencils that are red on end and blue on the other end.

      From: Jennifer   ratherbewriting@yahoo.com on Jun 25 2002
      Hi! My other listing was an error, so I'm listing again! :) My mother's favorite pencil is a Mirado Rubberwriter No. 2... I can't find them ANYWHERE. I don't know if they are the same as the Pentech brand I've seen listed and/or named. In fact, I think she'd be satisfied with any brand of pencil as long as the body was "rubbery" so she could get a better grip. If anyone has any advice, I would sincerely appreciate it. Thank you

      From: Jennifer   jbunny99@hotmail.com on Jun 16 2002
      I have a clear plastic and metal mechanical pencil labeled "U.S. GOVERNMENT - ELECTROGRAPHIC" and I enjoy using it, but am afraid to because I would not know where to get a lead refill!!! Can anyone help me?

      From: Robert H. Randall, Sr.   rhrandall@pbtcomm.net on Jun 12 2002
      I am Seeking some of the metal eraser holders that fit and hold the erasers for small 4-47 Scripto Mechanical Pencils

      From: Marsha   vbjandm@hotmail.com on Jun 8 2002
      My sons have pencil collections, but I have been able to find any display or storage cases made for pencils. Does anyone know of any suppliers? I'd also welcome hearing from other collectors about how they store or display their collections.

      From: John   JPSalerno@aol.com on May 9 2002
      I am looking for an artset manufactured by xonex,if you have any information please contact me at JPSalerno@aol.com.there is a reward for this. sicerely John

      From: Robert H. Randall, Sr.   rhrandall@pbtcomm.net on May 6 2002
      I would like to buy tiny erasers that fit a Scripto P950 Ultra Thin Lead(.5mm)Mechanical Pencils.Thanks

      From: mimi   davmarin@bellsouth.net on Apr 15 2002
      please help! i am looking for 0.5 mm meachanical pencil lead refills in green. i have tried various brands as in pentel, pentech, and sanford. frm what i've been told pentel discontinued there green refills. please help. thanks, mimi

      From: jeff   jefnf@cnsinternet.com on Apr 5 2002
      I collect automobile and implement dealership items. Including pens,pencils,postcards,floaters,mechanicals,jewlery,badges,trinkets,anything. I have a lot of pens,pencils,MISC,I could trade. Doesnt have to just be in the pen or pencil line. Let me know what you collect and Ill look for you. Or just let me know what you have and the price. also check out my name brand list for trading. http://www.geocities.com/jefnf/manufacturer_pencil_list_2.html thanks jeff

      From: Ted   tokell@foggy.net on Mar 25 2002
      Does anyone know the time period for Dixon Eldorado pencils? I have an old box of unused Typhonite Eldorado's (5H/6H), that have a dull yellow color, not the bright yellow of others I have in my collection. Trying to place which came first and approx. when? Thanks!

      From: Sanjeev Sinha   sanjeev.sinha@strath.ac.uk on Feb 20 2002
      Hi there I am a PhD student at University Of Strathclyde, Glasgow. I am working in the area of design and making an attempt to quantify the complexity of the processes involved in a manufacture of a pencil. ' Complexity' is such a vague term that it is very much used in our day to day to working without understanding as to what has made a thing more complex or simple.From the perspective of a researcher I have considered to measure the complexity of the processes involved in the manufacture of a pencil. I consider pencil manufacturing as consisting of several manufacturing processes like cutting, milling, painting, and some more. I would very much appreciate to have some data related to time associated with the different processes in maufacturing a pencil and it would be very nice of you to assist me in making this study as this might be an altogether a new approach of quantifying a complexity of a process. This would benefit the manufactures in categorising the various processes on the basis of their respective complexity. Looking forward to hear from you. Regards Sanjeev

      From: Ernie   egotthardt@msn.com on Feb 13 2002
      From Ernie: Looking for mechanical pencil refills with extra bold point 1.1 mm lead. The item is from SCRIPTO and their NO was 05439.

      From: Michelle Baxter   mbaxter33@hotmail.com on Jan 29 2002
      I have made a flag out of pencils (almost to scale) it is 3ft. x 4ft. It is mounted on wood as well as surrounded by a stained wood frame. Every other colored stripe is made of 2-1/2" sharpened end pencils with gold ferrules, and the alternated stripes are made of 2-1/2" sharpened end(non eraser ends). There are a total of 1200 pencils used to create this almost real masterpiece. It also has 50 stars. Would look quite nice over the fireplace, it is quite unique with that vintage look. Will negotiate price with any inquiries.

      From: Jerry Ulibarri   yonayo@aol.com on Jan 17 2002
      I have an interesting pencil for which I would like information. It is an Eagle Pencil Co. oversized mechanical "Popeye Pencil". It is in excellent condition, with lead, but lacks an eraser. The only defect is its cracking (lacquer?) finish, which is a light metallic green. The pencil carries an image of Popeye the Sailor's head, saying, in cartoon speech balloon, "WELL, BLOW ME DOWN! THIS IS WHAT I CALLS A MARVELUSK PENCIL" I am curious about its value, if any, and whether there may be an eraser available, and further, whether adding an eraser might affect it's collectibility. Thanks for any information, please e mail me directly at yonayo@aol.com Jerry Ulibarri, Orlando, FL

      From: Don   daf110@attbi.com on Dec 26 2001
      Looking for A.W.Faber Castell Locktite #9600 Flat Lead Holder and flat leads to go with it. Any information or location will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Don

      From:   jviray@ncal.verio.com on Dec 9 2001
      I'm seeking the following 0.3mm mechanical pencils. Any pointers to dealers or other sources are welcome! 1. Koh-I-Noor/Hardtmuth - Model #5006 "MEPHISTO" 0.3mm 2. LYRA - Fineliner No. 53 0.3mm 3. ALVIN - XA03 Draft-Line 0.3mm THANKS!

      From: A. Miller   milcal@means.net on Nov 5 2001
      I was recently given a large group of pencils/pens/ballpoint pens. They are glued to a board. Does anyone know how to get them off the board without harming the finish. I would appreciate any ideas that you may have. A. Miller e-mail: milcal@means.net

      From: jeff   jefnf@cnsinternet.com on Oct 12 2001
      I collect automobile and implement dealership items. Which includes pens,pencils,floaters,mechanicals,jewlery,badges,trinkets,ect. I Prefer ones with a manufacturers logo on them, but NOT limited to only those. I have a lot of pens,pencils,MISC, I could trade. Let me know what you collect and Ill look for you. Doesnt have to just be in the pen or pencil line, as I have a house full of stuff. Or just let me know what you have and the price. thanks jeff

      From: Robert Holland   OpusOneREH@aol.com on Aug 22 2001
      I have had several e-mails regarding the Scripto twist top mechanical pencil with 1.1 lead. I wrote the Scripto-Tokai Corp. at P.O. Box 5555 Rancho Cucamonga, CA. 91729-5555, and they referred me to a toll-free number 1-800-342-3555 to contact a company called SureSource to order these pencils. I also have tried the new Sanford Sphere pencil with .9 lead and these work very well...They are available at Walmart in a three pack for under $2. The lead is also readily available there. I cant' tell lots of difference in the .9 and 1.1 lead.

      From: Karl Kemm   kk0021@unt.edu on Jul 22 2001
      Mongol 482 Pencils: Many of you have contacted me about where you can find these pencils. I have found none since last year (2000) but have not lost hope. If you find the discontinuance of this line of pencils maddening, please send me an e-mail about it. I have collected several already and would like to send a compilation of these complaints to the Sanford company which still refuses to believe that anyone would actual want this line of pencil revived. Karl Kemm

      From: Dennes Forsmo   omsrof@fiam.net on Jul 13 2001
      Hello Collectors and Golfers Visit Jim Mundys website ( http://users.erols.comm/golferjim/ ) webpage to see great display product ( Multi-Display ) for your prized collectible pencils, ball markers, tees and divot tools. (go to bottom of his homepage) Multi-Display makes a great gift for collector or golfer. Introductory 15% discount off regular mail order price in effect now. Contact omsrof@fiam.net if you need more info. Refer all your friends and e-mail contacts to Jim's webpage and keep sending him pencils and ball markers for his collection/ Best regards, Dennes Forsmo omsrof@fiam.net

      From: Ted   tokell@foggy.net on Jun 26 2001
      I have a couple of old pencils I would like information on. First is a 1930's giant Eagle Mikado wood pencil #1174. It is 10" long and approx. one inch wide at the eraser. The other is a very old mechanical pencil:metal painted yellow - Eberhard Faber "1560 Pony Clip", just over 4" long. Thanks for any info.

      From: L. Cowden   m1cowden@home.com on Jun 21 2001
      I have an antique mechanical pencil that I cannot find any information on. It is shaped like a pistol. It is silver (or some material similar to) with a wooden handle. It has no markings for identification.

      From: Dennis Smith   dbsmith@zooropa.com on May 23 2001
      I am a collector of drafting leadholders and lead pointers. I am assembling a history of these instruments and would be grateful for any assistance in doing this. If you have any early (before WWII) examples of these instruments or detailed knowledge of drafting instruments or any era I would like to communicate with you. I am also always interested in buying/selling/trading leadholders. Please visit my leadholder website at http://www.leadholder.com

      From: jeff   jefnf@cnsinternet.com on Mar 14 2001
      does anyone collect older pencil lead refill boxes? I have a number of different brands and sizes,in black and blue, also NOS erasers and pen nibs. also have some older scripto mechanical pencils with spiral design. Anyone want to trade something??

      From: Dennes Forsmo   omsrof@fiam.net on Feb 4 2001
      Hi to all collectors. I have developed an attractive new display for your prized collectibles called Multi-Display. It holds up to 50 standard pencils or 125 golf pencils or 175 tees or 250 ball markers or 60 divot tools or combinations of 2 to 4 of the above collectibles simultaneously.Contact me by e-mail, mention Multi-Display and I will send you more detailed information and photos by e-mail. Enjoy and I hope to hear from you. DF

      From: jeff   jefnf@cnsinternet.com on Jan 12 2001
      I collect automobile and implement dealership items including pens and pencils. Prefer ones with manufacturers logo, but not limited to those. Am not an actual pencil collector however I do have a lot of pens, pencils,misc, I COULD TRADE. LEFT HANDED, CARPENTER, ADVERTISING, SPORTING SCHEDULES, ECT. Not sure if I have anything good,but do know they havnt been picked over. Am more interested in building my collection than just selling. Thanks Jeff

      From: Barbara Ward   rognbarb14521@yahoo.com on Aug 28 2000
      Has anyone found a substitute for Vector 2's? I believe they aren't making them any more. Any ideas?

      From: Mark Guillotte   markguillotte@mediaone.net on Aug 3 2000

      From: Dmytryy   divlor@chat.ru on Jul 18 2000
      Hi! I collect pencils. Is site - http: // www.chat.ru / ~ divlor/home.htm. Yours faithfully, Dmytryy Orzhekhovskyy.

      From: Craig   c.smith@penshar.com on Jul 1 2000
      I am seeking carpenter pencils

      From: Paul Snijders   paulsn@cistron.nl on Jun 10 2000
      BERLIN. Looking for names of pencil factories in Berlin 1900-1945. Interested in a manager of one. Don't know where to look.

      From: JOE   UPNORTHWAY@AOL.COM on May 28 2000

      From: Jill Dawkins   jdawkins@wworld.com on Apr 9 2000
      I'm seeking information on pencils with American Presidents w/ name, date and place of birth and death. These pencils have the Presidents from Washington to JFK. If anyone has any info please contact me.

      From:   ivandr@aol.com on Mar 7 2000
      I am looking for a machanical pencil made by pilot. The pencil is like a Dr. Grip pencil but you can also shake it and lead comes out (much like their shaker pencil.) Any info appreciated

      From: Jack Murphy   jmurphy510@aol.com on Mar 6 2000
      I have a Pentel pencil approx 15-20 yr old and it is jammed.Cannot get lead to feed.My favorite pencil. It is black plastic in grip area and barrel is brushed silver color. Can anyone tell where I might get it fixed? Thanx.

      From: JOE   Ziepfel@hotmail.com on Feb 29 2000
      Looking for information on manufactured pencils with Models #"s hoping one day to write a catalog or pricelist. I need the band name and model #. Thanks

      From: joe   ziepfel@hotmail.com on Jan 31 2000
      I have a DIXON GIANT PENCIL 2005 SOFT it is dark copper in color. those anybody have info on this pencil i.e worth, rareness, year made.

      From: Christina Homer   allhand@helicon.net on Dec 20 1999
      Requesting pencils for a little girl who found she has juvenils rheumatoid arthritis. Her dream is to be in the Gueiness Book for pencils she has been collecting for a while. If you can send any pencils please email for address to mail to. Thank you for any help you can give.

      From: Michelle   michelle22@nethawk.com on Nov 28 1999
      I would like to acquire NFL Football Pencils. About 15 years ago I had them in school library dispenser. They are team colors,(ex.) New York Jets is white with green pinstripes and they also have team name on them. Would appreciate any information.

      From: Lia   leeuh@hotmail.com on Nov 23 1999
      If ANYONE can help me find those little metal clips that can go on the back of a yellow standard pencil, to clip onto your pocket, I would REALLY appreciate any advice! My dad has been asking me for them for Christmas for years and I cannot find them!

      From: Marc Isart   ISART@infomail.lacaixa.es on Nov 20 1999
      Hi friends ! I'm interested to know the cheapest way to buy American Pencils from Barcelona in Spain. The problem for me is the very expensive shipment. Many thanks in advance for your help.

      From: Roberta   zookiegrl@aol.com on Nov 9 1999
      I have a Sterling Silver mechanical pencil made by Shaeffer. White dot on clip. Embossing going lengthwise in pattern. In original box that has 3 loops. This must have been part of a set.

      From: Shelley Hunter   huntbros@nbnet.nb.ca on Oct 30 1999
      I am looking for pencils with a "math" theme to give to my students for Xmas. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

      From: Francisco Eloy Gonzalez   fegs22@hotmail.com on Oct 13 1999
      I am a mexican student. I have to search about wood pencil industry. A need a complete information. If you would like to help me I will appreciate it. Thank you

      From: dodie   dobicur@skamania.net on Oct 7 1999
      need manufacturers name of hot iron transfer pencil. will buy in volume. thank you

      From: becky   bmf91287@hotmail.com on Oct 5 1999
      hey what is the name of the metal thing that holds the pencil to the eraser if anyone knows Please email me a bmf91287@hotmail.com THANK YOU

      From: SANDRA NAKASHIMA   allyshia@humboldt1.com on Oct 5 1999
      HELP!! I have a friend that makes pencil from Alderwood he wants to find some where to get erasers and caps to hold eraser on pencil. Does anyone know the answer???

      From: Michael Holmes   mholmes@ma.ultranet.com on Sep 10 1999
      I have a red plastic mechanical pencil engraved "First Prize, Most Improvement, Dale Carnegie Course" in excellent condition. Are there collectors of such things and how would I reach them? Is this the place?

      From: Frances Clark-Brown   sweetiedog@home.com on Aug 1 1999
      Looking for companies willing to donate promotional or advertising items such as pens or pencils for my students to use. Not picky--any ad (with reason, of course), seconds , rejects, as long as it writes, we can use it. Please forward any leads.

      From: Dan Dalal   dan_dalal@hotmail.com on Jun 18 1999
      Very interested in purchasing LYRA wood pencils, esp. their Ferby Graphite 90100 model. Where can I get this in the USA ? Please send me email. Thanks.

      From: Patrick Fannin   fanninlaw@aol.com on Jun 13 1999
      Seeking information, including value, of a Ketcham & McDougall "PAT Pencil." This is a mechanical pencil attached to a matching button. The button contains a retractable chain built into it (designed to allow a person to write and then retract the penci l back to the button - buttoned onto a person's clothes.) Royal blue and crome - still in box. Probably1950's or earlier.

      From: shannon   shannon@tca.net on May 24 1999
      I am just starting my pencil collection. I am in 4th grade. Please send me any type of pencil if you can. Thank you.

      From: R Walker   nightnite@juno.com on Apr 27 1999
      My father is a pencil collector... new to this but with about 2000 pencils saved. Are there 'shows' for trading, etc on the west coast ? Appreciate the help.

      From: HARSHAD RAVESHIA   pencils@vapi.lwbbs.net on Apr 24 1999

      From: RICH   TESIAERIN2@AOL.COM on Apr 17 1999

      From: Collector's Display Case Company   sales@mb3.net on Apr 13 1999
      We are always looking to BUY mechanical pencils by Parker - Scheaffer's - Conklin - Waterman - Wahl - Eversharp. **** Please visit our Pencil Page at... CLICK on... Pencil Display Cases

      From:   on Apr 13 1999
      Pen Display Cases... from COLLECTOR扴 DISPLAY CASE CO. Display - Organize - Protect with the model-20 . Everything is HERMETICALLY SEALED against the elements of destruction. The retail is $10.00 each but for this sale... They抮e ONLY $8.95 each + packing and postage $3.75 on first display case and 75 cent each additional case. VISA / MasterCard is accepted. Pen Display Cases protects, displays and organizes your complete and valuable collection. These display cases are made of a revolutionary clear, soft, lightweight plastic. They are extremely strong and virtually unbreakable. They allow perfect viewing from all sides, and with the lid snapped in will protect from dust, damage and theft. Each collectible is suspended in its own compartment for added protection. This means the side-wall of one compartment is not the side wall of the compartment next to it. There is an air pocket all the way around each compartment. Do to the unique design, even if the case is dropped and it lands on the side, top or bottom, none of the compartments will hit the surface. They can be wall mounted or if stacked they will lock together. Each Display case comes with a Snap-On Lid **** Items inside display case are not included. Overall dimensions are: 9擫 x 12 1/2擶 x 1 3/8擠. **** We also have this same display case designed for OVERSIZE PENS. To see other models of our Pen display cases... CLICK on... Pen Display Cases

      From: Roger Russell   rogerr@sundial.net on Feb 17 1999
      My Norma page has lots of information about Norma pencils, the old 1.1mm leads and other multicolor pens and pencils. There's even 1.1mm leads for sale. Check it out at http://www.sundial.net/~rogerr/normapg.htm

      From: Ralph Bransky   drmeat@roadrunner.com on Jan 16 1999
      I have two old mechanical pencils but for which I have lead nor erasers. One is marked "American" on the clip and is probably no less than 60 yers old. The other, probably 40 or more years old, has the marking "DUR-O-LITE" "MELROSE PARK, ILLINOIS" around the base of the removable propellor mechanism.Does anyone know where I can obtain leads and erasers for these instruments? 0.9 mm lead is too small for both.

      From: Doug Martin   dmartin@ealnet.com on Jan 15 1999
      I am always looking for new information to include on The Pencil Pages. If you see an error or omission, or would like to contribute your knowledge or expertise in the form of an article or anything else, I would like to hear from you. Thanks to all who visit these pages.

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