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      Dixon Commemorative Medal
      1876 U.S. Centennial

      This medal is made from graphite, and was produced by the (Joseph) Dixon Crucible Company to commemorate the United States Centennial in 1876. The medal is 2-1/2 inches in diameter and 5/16 inch thick. It is owned by Ron Abler who purchased it at auction from Bowers and Merena, one of the foremost auctioneers of rare coins and medals. It was stated at auction that this is the "rarest type of 1876 Centennial piece extant."

      Ron Abler is writing a book on 1876 Centennial Medals. Ron would like to hear from anyone with any knowledge or information about this medal or any other 1876 medals, or from those who have 1876 medals to sell. Contact him by email at: triton@gmpexpress.net

      Thanks to Ron for providing the images of this rare piece.

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