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      A R T I C L E S   &   P U B L I C A T I O N S
      Updated December 2009

      This collection of articles and publications will help answer some of the questions you may have about pencils and pencil collecting. If you have knowledge, experience, or expertise in any subject which may be of interest to the readers of these pages, please consider submitting an article for inclusion here. Please feel free to recommend any books for inclusion on this list. Contact: doug@pencilpages.com

      Please note: the articles below are protected by copyright.
      • Pencil Pages, by Abdullah Ismail. A history of the pencil industry around the world, with articles by numerous authors, anecdotes, and a wealth of information. Information and excerpts.
      • Writing Antiques, by George Mell
        Buy this book from Amazon
      • The Pencil: a history of design and circumstance, Henry Petroski. The undisputable authoritative work on the origins and history of the pencil. Petroski traces the development of the pencil from the earliest times to the present, sparing no detail concerning every aspect of pencil design and character. This book is a 'must read' for every serious pencil collector.
        Buy this book from Amazon - Hardcover - Softcover
      • Anything That's Peaceful ?1964 Leonard E. Read
        This book contains a series of short story essays promoting Read's free-market economic philosophy. One chapter is "Only God Can Make a Tree - or a Pencil", in which a pencil (a Mongol 482) traces its ancestry.
      • Making Pencils, Ruth Thomson, 1987
        Buy this book from Amazon
      • The Secret Life of School Supplies, Vicki Cobb, 1981
        Buy this book from Amazon
      • Collecting Writing Instruments, Dietmar Deyer. Originally published in Germany, this book is mostly about pens, but has some good information about pencils as well.
        Buy this book from Amazon
      • Victorian Pencils: Tools to Jewels, Deborah Crosby, 1998
        Buy this book from Amazon
      • Penkala Writing Instruments, by Miroslav Tischler
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